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investment office focused on serving the needs of clients active in South East Europe

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We are specialized in the following areas and execute structured investments in established as well as in developing markets.

We are focused in the following business areas and in few segments:

Our Values


As an investment office, in the area of financial markets, we are a special blend of investor and consultant. All partners have entrepreneurial experience. We are defined by our aspiration to build long-term relationships with our clients, who in turn, trust us to work alongside them to realize projects and co-invest.

We are happy to work together with other market players. We are not in competition with banks or family offices, but we support and complement them. In this way, we concentrate on clearly defined investment types. That is reflected in our engagement of an exclusive circle of clients and their supporting infrastructure.

Our partners have experience in different areas coming from our previous businesses and from our other existing companies.


Our projects are focused on 4 key areas:

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